Dear readers – you have probably been wondering why the hell I dropped off the face of the earth. Well sadly though life has been interesting with a very personal and private personal matter, the rest of my life was back burnered and incredibly dull. There was zero funzies happening for this kid. 😦
Lots of talk online with some actual great prospects but zero follow though.
It was too depressing to write about, so I never bothered.
The only quasi interesting thing was my outing to a singles mixer in August. My paid dating site hosts occasional get togethers so people can get off the Internet and check each other out in the real world. I was Leary but for $5 I thought other than my time I had little to lose. Then I wavered – then a good friend mentioned a mutual friend was also planning to go – so I thought – perfect I don’t have to go alone. I’m in!
Sadly the ratio was off and definitely to the guys advantage. Of the guys my age,race and an acceptable height there was slim pickings. I am picky, yes, because I can be, but looking around the room of nervous and desperate people there were 2 guys I wanted to meet. Lame. And to make it worse a tall good looking guy was leaving as we arrived (fashionably late of course). Meh – ended up getting pretty tipsy and having a fun night meeting up with friends so not a total loss. But seriously it has been a boring summer. Latin hottie has been away and if home “out of commission” – coming off steroids his junk was not functioning properly. 😦 rather than trying with me he completely avoided seeing me. It was incredibly annoying. Honestly I was ready to give up with men entirely. But with the change of season my luck has changed! And finally I have something to write about 🙂